Friday, December 4, 2009

Drunk Driving in Punjab

Part of Campaign, Stop! Underage Drinking, by People for Transparency & other NGO's

Set of applications filed to get the data from the Punjab Police, Haryana Police Department, Delhi Police, Himachal Pradesh Police & UT-Chandigarh Police.

As per information supplied it seems Punjab Police is least bothered about the drunk driving, Police Department at district Amirtsar performed best & discharge their duty efficiently in comparison to the other district in Punjab.

The Tribune

Part of Campaign, Stop! Underage Drinking, by People for Transparency & other NGO's

The Tribune

Dainik Bhaskar

Times of India

Dainik Bhaskar

Ajit Samachar


Part of Campaign, Stop! Underage Drinking, by People for Transparency & other NGO's

Stop! Underage Drinking, Campaign

Initiative of NGO People for Transparency

Stop! Underage Drinking, Campaign

Campaign by various NGO's & prominent citizen.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Club Road cleaining & maintenance

See the visible change, more important is now the resident of the area are more sensitive for the cleanness of their surroundings.

Road sides of Club Road, Sangrur were completely surrounded with debris & congress grass due to lackadaisical approach of Municipal Authorities toward the road, resident had two options either to criticize MC or come forward with the idea of self governance ( get the road clean & maintain it). Resident of the road prefer for second option and result........................... Visible Change.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

MP's Performance.

Ferozepur MP gets Rs 45.57 lakh as TA/DA
No question by Ludhiana MP in five years
Sushil Goyal
Tribune News Service

Sangrur, April 15
Lok Sabha (LS) MP from Ferozepur Zora Singh Mann has topped the list of 13 LS MPs from Punjab with the claims of Rs 45,57,847 as TA/DA during 2004-09 in the 14th Lok Sabha while MP from Tarn Taran Rattan Singh Ajnala’s name figures at the bottom with Rs 9,97,556 received as TA/DA during the same period.

The fact has been revealed after People for Transparency, an NGO, collected information on the MPs from the Lok Sabha Secretariat under the Right to Information (RTI) Act.

MP from Ropar Sukhdev Singh Libra attended the LS for a maximum number of days (300 days) whereas MP from Faridkot Sukhbir Badal attended the House only for 80 days.

Regarding questions asked in the House, MP from Hoshiarpur Avinash Rai Khanna’s name figures on the top of the chart with 290 questions while MP from Ludhiana Sharanjit Singh Dhillon did not ask even a single question in the LS during his tenure as MP.

With regard to participation in debates in the House, MP from Hoshiarpur Avinash Rai Khanna attended 116 debates while MP from Gurdaspur Vinod Khanna and MP from Amritsar Navjot Singh Sidhu participated in debates only four times each during their tenure of five years.

Talking to The Tribune here today, general secretary of the NGO Kamal Anand said according to the information gathered by the NGO, all 13 LS MPs from Punjab had got a handsome amount of more than Rs 4.63 crore as salary/allowamces and TA/DA during their five year tenure (2004-09). The MPs got more than Rs 2.99 crore as TA/DA and more than Rs 1.63 crore as salary/allowances. Anand said the collection of this information and compilation was a joint effort of the Punjab Election Watch, comprising People for Transparency (Sangrur), Resurgence India (Ludhiana) and Burning Brain Society (Chandigarh).

Friday, November 20, 2009

Government Welfare Schemes

State & Central Governments spend crores of rupees on different schemes for the welfare of disadvantaged communities but the benefit do not reach to the targeted people, reason 1. Lack of complete awareness of welfare schemes to the targeted population 2. Red tapism 3. Corruption. All the three problems can be handled with one tool Right to Information,need is of a few public spirited persons to come forward and take up the casue of disadvantaged communities. Girls in college promise to take up the cause.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Legal Literacy Day in Session Courts, Sangrur

Legal Literacy Day celebrated in Session Courts, Sangrur

Kamal Anand spoke about the government welfare Schemes for disadvantaged communities & how RTI could be helpful to a man interested in taking up the cause of disadvantaged communities. Concept of Community Advocates also elaborated.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Popularizing the RTI.

Meeting of People for Democratic Reforms & Governance (PDRG) NGO

Discussion on government welfare schemes for the disadvantaged communities & how RTI could be helpful in taking the cause of disadvantaged communities

Banasar Garden

See the change made by the resident of city.

Now the time has come when people should not bank on government and believe in the concept of Self Governance.

This is the same garden where a few month ago people were frighten to visit due to presence of snakes:

Various NGO's, prominent citizens, walkers in the garden contribute a lot for the facelift of Gardnes, special thanks to Mr. Arvind Khanna who takes up the duty to beautify, renovate & maintain the baradari part of garden, other who play major part in innovation & maintainance of gardens Managing Committee Mandir Shree Maha Kali, Scientific Awareness & Social Welare Forum, Yoga Group, Baghi Khanna Ram Lila Committee, Yoga Group, RSS, Hari Krishan & other, Bantu Singla & Group, Lalli Mansahia, Guru Teg Badadur Finance Co, Samir Fatta, list goes on........

thanks to all supporter

The Tribune

Times of India

See the change made by the resident of city.

Now the time has come when people should not bank on government and believe in the concept of Self Governance.

This is the same garden where a few month ago people were frighten to visit due to presence of snakes:

Banasar Bagh set to regain its lost glory
Shariq Majeed
Tribune News Service

Sangrur, November 8
After the state government “failed” to renovate the Banasar Bagh following years of its neglect, a joint initiative by two NGOs - People for Transparency (PFT) and People for Democratic Reforms and Governance - with an active support of residents has changed the fortune of the garden.

It had, in fact, converted into a bushy forest area where no one dared to tread even in the daytime, but due to this initiative, this heritage site is regaining its glory.

According to the Right to Information (RTI), even as the government spent Rs 46 lakh for the renovation of the garden a few years ago, it failed to give an uplift to the garden.

However, the initiative by the NGOs, which had launched an “apna bagh aap savaro” campaign to restore the lost glory of this heritage site a few days ago, has successfully managed to give it a facelift.

To ensure transparency in spending money on the renovation work, the NGOs have pasted cashbook details of the expenditure on one of the walls.

What is more startling is the fact that even as the government had spent Rs 46.84 lakh on the renovation and beautification of this garden, cash details of the NGOs reveal that they have done 75 per cent of the cleaning work for about Rs 13,000 with the whole work costing about Rs 15,000.

“We don’t get funds for the renovation work from any government agency, but we are stimulating residents to adopt various parts of the garden for long-term maintenance,” said Fateh Prabhakar, President of the Banasar Bagh Welfare association.

“We are focusing on the sustained cleaning of the garden and allotting different areas of the garden to the people for maintenance,” he added.

Many local residents have come forward to donate money while some have adopted various parts of the garden for maintenance.“We are pasting cashbook details of the money spent to ensure transparency in the process”, said Kamal Anand, member of the PFT.

“This initiative has started bearing results with the garden regaining its past glory”, said Kapil Mittal, a resident of Patiala gate.

Meanwhile, the former MLA and Chairman of the Umeed Foundation, an NGO, Arvind Khanna, has also adopted a part of the garden for renovation and repair.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stop! Underage-Drinking, Campaign,

Sale of alcohol to the person below the age of 25 years is prohibited & offence under the Punjab Excise Act 1914. Law is applicable to the State of  Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi & UT of Chandigarh. State Governments do nothing to curb the sale of alcohol to the under age group rather indirectly encourage the sale of alcohol. It is time for the parents & all  other concerned to come together and get the Prohibition law of Under-Age Restriction implemented in letter and spirit. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


All friends are requested, they may get the poster/banner captioned " Drive Against Bribe " printed. They may get their name or photo printed in the head ' sponsor'. They may get it printed by paying 8 rupees for plastic print, 15 for photoprint, or they can opt to get it in the shape of banner, it cost 8 rupees for per sq feet. Participation of all friends besought, kindly get at least 5 print for the sake of better tomorrow of our progenies.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009